I have always been skeptical about the human creation stories and how man has evolved over the years. I have also attempted to know about certain complex concept like language, culture, consciousness and God (religion) independently. So I have attempted in this article to give a pragmatic analysis of what I think about the connection of all the above mentioned concepts. The advancement of man and how he had the ability to link this multitude of ideas and their interconnection with one another. I genuinely want to believe that you find my practical examination engaging and it brings up additional issues in your mind and furthermore respond to some.

I am of the belief that man was created. I do not find it appealing that man evolved from animals or any other lesser creature. The theory that holds that man evolved from apes or monkeys is largely false and a mere idea of the mind. Assuming this hypothesis is valid, we can essentially do an exploration to take a gander at the number of primates and monkeys that have become man throughout the years. Even though we share some biological traits and characteristics with these creatures, it is false to think and believe that we evolve from them. Also, if we did evolve from this creature, man himself cannot be the last level of evolution. We ought to also be able to evolve to another creature. Only if our own evolution is that of the intellect because our intellect and minds have been evolving and it is still evolving prompting the creation of innovative ideas and stuffs. I purposely spent a paragraph to discredit the case of the development of man in order to grandstand that I do not think about it by any means.. Kindly enjoy the ride. Please hold a cold Pepsi as I’ll take you down the isle of the existence and evolution of mankind.

Man was created probably by a being, force, concept, ideas or anything you can think of yourself. The creation of was not in large quantity. Different human beings were created in different part of the world with different skin color, body, structure and characterization. Each being was created to be able to strive and survive in the ecology which he is being created. As man was made, he was created with a blank mind and intellect. Pure tabular rasa. He was an adult with zero empirical and ideological knowledge. Because he could not think or survive, He began to live in caves as his primary and first instincts were to protect himself and other beings that look just like him. Man was engulfed with fear and ignorance. He just wants to survive and feed. Then his intellect began to grow due to empirical and ideological knowledge. As he lived in caves with other beings that look like him called family, he began a quest to move from one cave to another. He kept migrating and migrating until he met another creature that shares his own peculiar features.

His first contact with another being that was of the same features like himself was not cool. Two things might have occurred. First, man was amazed and happy that he has finally met another creature that looks just like him. He would have touched the face and observed the other human being closely for some time and then reached the final internal conviction that he has met someone like himself. Or probable, it would have been a war of territorial integrity. Both human being might have fought and injured each other for some period of time as his basic instinct is for survival. But I will adopt the first. Man will now begin to see his fellow man as a family and they will continue to migrate together. While they move around, they would be nothing like the existence of language amongst them. They would communicate using sign language and sounds. Man then continues migrate on till it a point where everyone reaches a consensus to stay in a defined territory. While the agreement was reached at on certain grounds, for example, the accessibility of fertile land, security from predators and wild animals, capacity to endure the climate among different circumstances. Man then settles in a place.

While man settles, his intellect started to develop and outwear the original instinct upon which he survives. He began to reason and the act of reasoning birth the creation of LANGUAGE. The creation of language is somewhat peculiar. Languages are by product of sounds and a more complex and advanced state of it. He would sit and say “come” with demonstration added to it to express the meaning of the word which he himself has no knowledge of. This continues for ages until man has a well-developed (lol probably rudimentary) language which involves lots of sounds and some words. He would continue to develop and develop this new invention for hundreds of years. This idea of the creation of language began to spread across all of human existence and every man would create his own language as he wishes or as it occurs to him. He would create this language and add meaning to convey it. I think it would have taken man over a hundred years before he could have created his language.

The creation of language was the second phase of human existence. After he had created his unique language which aided reasoning and communication, he was able to create something very peculiar to himself and his distinct society. CULTURE. The creation and existence of culture is as a result of language. Language is the wheel of culture and man would not have anything called culture if he had not first created language. Culture is the ground breaking child of language. As he created culture, he started to add rules in light of previous encounters, experiences and his thoughts. What he thinks feels and has experienced formed his culture. Though, language was a more complex concept to create compared to culture but within little time, culture began to gain great significance. It took mankind ages to also finally create a comprehensive idea called culture to direct his activities, choices and his life. After he had created a cultural system that language was its driver, he began to wonder and ask questions about so many things. The marks on his hands, rain and natural occurrences, sickness, death and many other super complex concept. He then concluded that there must be something greater than him. He knew he did not create so many things and he had restricted control over it. Curiosity birth the knowledge of the concept of CONSCIOUSNESS and SPRITUALITY.

Man began to search for answers to all these questions. While he searches for these answers empirically, he discovers that he is not the only being on earth. He meets several beings that bring to his knowledge his spiritual nature. Listen, man had no idea he was a spiritual being until after he had created language and culture. Man could not fathom the spiritual part of his nature. He began to think and he comes in contact with his spiritual antenna which is his intuition. The other beings he comes in contact with ensured to enlighten his mind and give him some access to certain metaphysical abilities. Though some of these abilities lie innate to him formerly but the knowledge and utilization of this ability was made known to him through the coming in contact with other beings. Also, the creation of religion also came when man realizes that certain extreme qualities were unattainable due to his limited nature so he thinks he must ascribe it to something greater than himself. If man can know things then there must be something that must be all knowing. Assuming man passes on yet through ages the sun and the moon continues rising and setting then there should be a being or idea that cannot but continue to exist. If man loves each other then there must be a being that is all loving. Well, there was also a counter thought pattern. If man is evil then there must be a being that encompasses evil. While man attributes the positive and unattainable virtues of his existence to a being he calls the creator or God, he also ensures to attribute the negative and vices to a counter being.  

Conclusively, man has evolved through different stages on this planet. He is still evolving and today he has evolved and created science and technology. Through the creation of science and technology, man is able to attain the perfect state which he had attributed to his creator or God as you will put it. . So he developed and first fostered his insight and he builds a community alongside his fellow humans. Then, at that point, he starts to foster his method for communication using sound, demonstration and words which births his language. As a community of people with some means of communication, he thought of creating a system that brings everyone together, that guides the community actions, decisions and way of life. So he created a system of culture. This new system is not static as language is also not. I do not think language is static as one can import foreign language and remix and blend it right in. He creates culture and then begins to search for a greater yearning. His nonstop inquisitive developing mind drives him to his spiritual nature and on the grounds that spirituality is a greater idea that cannot be maintained totally because of its intricacy, he limits it down and makes an emotional idea called religion. Every human has a right to create his own form or type of religion but we all share the same spirituality. We create our religion based on our culture, language, experiences, environment etc. but man evolution has not ended. His curious mind continues to drive him forward and today he has invented science. But while religion is static and it focuses on values of man, science is innovative and it aims to make man better and achieve that perfect state which he attributes to God. After the invention of science and technology, will man evolve again intellectually and create something new and superb? This is a question time will tell.

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