Senate approves establishment of medical science universities

The Senate has passed a bill seeking to establish a Federal University of Medical Sciences and Biomedical Technology in each of the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

Passage of the Bill followed consideration and adoption of the report by the Committee on Health (Secondary and Tertiary) on the proposal.

Chairman of the committee, Senator Yahaya Oloriegbe, in his presentation, said the establishment of the university in the six zones of the country would address the dearth in admission of students aspiring to study Medicine and Allied Sciences in Nigeria.

Oloriegbe added that the presence of the university would also supply the much needed manpower in the healthcare service sector as well as boost income generation and ensure economic growth.

According to the chiarman, when the bill is passed into law, the huge gap in doctor-patient ratio as well as in medical research and production of pharmaceutical products will be bridged.

In his words, “The universities will also advance healthcare delivery in Nigeria through research and innovation, training and development of the health sector.”

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