Ukraine: Seven dead, others wounded in Russian strikes on Kharkiv

Seven people died and 34 were wounded after Russian forces struck a residential area in Ukraine’s second largest city Kharkiv on Sunday, local prosecutors said in a statement.

“On April 3 at around 6:00 pm local time, Russian invaders fired on residential buildings in the Sloboda districts of Kharkiv. As a result, around ten houses and a trolleybus depot were damaged.

“According to preliminary information, seven people died, 34 were injured, including three children,” Kharkiv’s regional prosecutor’s office said on Telegram.

Kharkiv, which lies in North-East Ukraine close to the Russian border, has been heavily damaged since Moscow launched its invasion of Ukraine on Febuary 24.

Russian forces also shelled the nearby town of Dergachi, leaving at least three dead and wounding seven, its Mayor Vychaeslav Zadorenko said on Facebook.

Six people were also killed and another injured in the Eastern Donetsk region by Russian strikes, the head of the regional military administration Pavel Kirilenko said on Telegram.

Earlier on Sunday, the Governor of the Lugansk region, Sergiy Gaiday, said Russia had shelled a hospital in the Eastern town of Rubizhne, leaving at least one person dead.

Source: AFP

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