Violence and Politics

Primary violent Manichaeism is a direct result of the vicious actions of the oppressor and not the oppressed. The oppressive capitalist elite himself creates violence by the numerous creation of the proletarians and the lumpen proletariats as a result of the creation of few elites by the continuous extortion of labour which later is transformed into capital. I don’t recognize the working class as revolutionary as the peasants, the working class are a member of the nationalist party and understand that the nationalist party is different from the revolutionary party. Looking at the composition of the nationalist party, we can see that the composition of the nationalist party is urban for instance the nationalist party comprises the workers, shop owners, teachers and many other urban people. I dare to say it, the nationalist party has a direct relationship with the formation of an intellectual middle class engaged in trade.

The nationalist party’s fight is not a fight for the complete usurpation of power from the few political and business elites who have subjected the people to obsequiousness and poverty, the fight of the nationalist party is a fight for reformism and adjustments, a fight for an increase in wages, political Representation etc. unlike the nationalist party, the revolutionary party consists of the lumpenproletariats and the peasants, the organization and combination of the revolutionary party are strictly rural. The fight of the nationalist party is a fight for complete and constructive change and overturn the system of oppression and inequality. Therefore, I am a Pan African Marxist revolutionary.

As I said earlier the enemy created the primary violent Manichaeism and compartmentalism and this violence that orders the world of the oppressed will very soon be hijacked and used against the oppressor and his primary allies. The native who naturally opposed the oppressor will soon realize that his freedom can only come through the violent resistance of the oppressor. The first contact the oppressed has with the oppressor is that of violence, the maintenance of the colonial regime is based on violence, by this same logic, decolonization must be a violent phenomenon.

As Frantz Fanon said, the native realizes that his liberty can only come from the rotting corpse of the settler. “The popular dictum that all men are equal can only find its illustration in the colony when the colonized subject states that he is equal to the settler” Frantz Fanon.
The peasants who are systemically oppressed realizes that his liberation can only come by the utilization of every opportunity and force is the first, the native realizes that he has nothing to lose but all to gain. The native is therefore in the global term the most political creature.

My breath, my heartbeat is the same as the oppressors’, the oppressors’ skin is in no way better or valuable than mine, I don’t get terrified at his presence and I no longer fidget at his sight, by nature I am not a subservient being. This discovery creates revolutionary assurance for the oppressed and completely expunges every spirit of fear and inferiority complex. Dehumanization is a historical fact but not a historical destiny, decolonization is a distortion in the vocation of becoming more fully human and the oppressed who realizes this artificial social status he occupies soon realizes that violence is a restoration of humanity, he realizes that violence is a cleansing force, he, the native by embarking on violence to restore humanity do not only liberate himself, he also liberates the oppressor from himself.

As Malcolm X said, “power in defence of freedom is greater than power on behalf of tyranny, because power, the real power comes from the conviction that produces action, an uncompromising action; it also produces insurrection against oppression”.

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