The question on the notion of God remain a crisis within human society.

The question on the notion of God continues to remain a crisis within human society. Different scholars, across different ages and cultures, have attempted to provide a pure speculative analysis of God. It is worthy of note that the notion of God transcends certain factors and prevailing grounds which have been used to describe this being.

Why is God referred to as using masculine qualities? The question is one of the fundamental questions we must answer. The two religious books are written by man and which is used as the standard for the argument about the existence and qualities of God uses the human masculine qualities. The reason is that God cannot be a woman. The etymological problem of patriarchy which cut across major world cultures and civilizations disallows God to be a female. This description is built on the fact that the earliest women were not treated with respect and equality.

MY VIEW: God is a force and a Being that transcends human understanding and consciousness. The Supreme Being is neither a female nor a male. God is that voice of rightness and wrongness in you. God is a being that knows itself through man. As the Self-Authentic Being, God cannot posse’s masculine qualities alone rather God has the essence of humanity entirely drawn from itself. If God is a He where then did the concept of a She originate from because the two religious books never gave an account of God getting married or having along with itself a female companion?

God must be viewed from an objective angle that can cover the totality of human existence. Through this attempt, man has first ascribed the ultimate and unattainable qualities to him. The intellectual evolution of man shows that man perceives certain things as unattainable and because man cannot achieve this he attributes that quality to God. Those who lived in the earliest time of human existence translates God to be an all-knowing Being but today we have internet search engines, bio-data systems, science and technology, organizations among others that possess this quality of knowing all things. Also, religious books perceive God as all-powerful but today we have nations and also individuals that can be referred to as all-powerful. This and many other attributes that have been attributed to God is gradually been attained by man. The relationship between God and man is built only within a time frame- Sunday Adelaja

MY VIEW: we must stop describing God concerning our incomplete inadequacy. Man must realize God exists outside his conception and understanding. An attempt to describe him will only put a limitation on God Authentic essence. As a supreme being, we must understand God through the universal laws of nature. God doesn’t exist and cannot exist within the context of human society. People like Mandela, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King has proven that describing God as the only good being is fallacious because these humans were good even beyond man immediate conception.


God is the self-existent being whose complete essence cannot be known to the human mind. As a result of God absoluteness, conscience was created alongside human consciousness to direct the conducts and actions of man towards the ultimate good. God nature is revealed in universal laws of nature such as the law of cause and effect, law of attraction, law of relativity, law of divine oneness, the law of perpetual transmutation of energy etc. each of these universal laws is tied to humanity it strives towards excellence and perfection. Therefore, the humanitarian conception about the essence of God should be adopted. We must refute the religious and dogmatic concepts of God which sole aim is the division of man and fight for dominance. “A god that created me free and autonomous, yet, tells me how and what I should think. – On Religion and Free Will” 

 ― Lamine Pearlheart.

  As a universal being who transcends time, human nature and understanding, God exists within our minds. God does not need an endorsement, yet isn’t that what all religions are about? “The problem with the concept of God is that He is simultaneously the most perfect, sinless Being but also the one we are supposed to be running to with all of our missteps and issues. Think about the types of friends you want to discuss your missteps and issues with: they’re not the perfect, sinless, judgy ones. So how is anybody supposed to feel comfortable talking to a God who’s not a friend; but is merely an archetype of a blameless ideal, something unreal and distant?” ― C. JoyBell C. God lives in every human and we must adopt this approach. God is in your mind and through introspection, you will discover his plans and ways for life. Without the conceivable religious and communal knowledge of God, God exists in our minds. God is independent of human thought and beliefs and that is why atheists live a happy life here on earth. God is in the tender embrace of a father, the air we breathe, the love of a mother. “People see God every day, they just don’t recognize him.” Pearl Bailey. The conception of God is beyond religion and religious books. “God writes the gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, in the flowers, and clouds and stars. ” Martin Luther King. 



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