Enemies of the African Revolution!

Africa today has been falling to the blows of western imperialism and the flagitious actions of the African National bourgeoisie, we have been chained and been marked out as subservient beings who are at the mercy of the enemies for survival.
Today, to a very large extent we have become our predicament, we have posed as an impediment to the liberation of ourselves and our people, our so-called greedy leaders who are members of the African community have sold the African people to the enemies for their selfish interest, they have taken up the duty of a dancer, they dance in the African government house when music is being played in the metropolis, we do not have leaders but clowns, reactionaries, the economic and political extension of colonialism who have embarked on the vicious operation of canalizing the African wealth to their masters in the metropolis.
There are two enemies of the African revolution, one is internal and the other is external. The internal predicament of Africa is the national bourgeoisie some times manifests its viciousness in form of an ethnological bourgeois dictatorship who with force and tyranny backed up by his masters in the metropole, steal, kill and rob his people for the development of the country of his masters in the metropole. We have had many of this kind of internal political predicament in Africa before, the tyrannical regime of Joseph Arthur Ankrah was nothing but an imperialist backed up the bourgeois autarchical regime, set up and engineered by the imperialist themselves to retrogress the African liberation struggle and to put the African people to a standstill and perpetually commit economic and material looting on the African continent. The African National bourgeoisie is inherently enemies of the African people, they are no different from apartheid they are apartheid and white supremacists in black skin, therefore the joint political action of the masses of the people supervised and organized by revolutionary intellectuals under a vanguard socialist revolutionary party consisting of the basic political revolutionary ingredients must put an end to the existence of this greedy caste, who lives off the people’s suffering and who have subjected the people to destitution. As Malcolm X said “anyone denying you of freedom isn’t denying a peaceful approach” the corrupt African National bourgeoisie must be violently dealt with.
Imperialism on the other hand is the external enemy of the African people, it’s the hidden political hand that have used Africans against Africans for their economic benefits, just like what Belgian imperialism did in Congo using Tshombe, Mobutu against the Congolese people. Imperialism in whatever guise it may wish to manifest itself must be clinically detected and violently and destructively expunged from the continent and this can only be achieved by the unified continental resistance of the shenanigans of imperialism, imperialism by its very nature perpetuates its action and oppression in unity, how can a divided Africa fight a united Europe? Therefore only the total unification of Africa will lead to freedom. This analysis will be a guide to the liberation of Africa

This article is dedicated to the people of South Africa as they fight class and race European political, economic and social hegemony.


Written by: Aina Ademola
Twitter: OgbeniDemola
Gmail: nirandemola@gmail.com

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