Creeping colonialism; a dialectic of USAFRICOM.

It is a universal truth that Africa for centuries has been looted and exploited by greedy and material hungry European and American powers. We can categorically say that Europe and America is the creator of the third world because the relationship Africa has with Europe and America is not a relationship of mutual benefit rather it’s a relationship that has subjected Africa to exploitation, asphyxiation, massacre, oppression and pillage. 

European opulence is a scandalous one because it was built on the corpses, and blood of black people. Without the four hundred years of black labour via slavery, we cannot have the European capitalistic-imperialistic and vulturistic empire today that still hitherto via puppet, satellite African governments and sham political independence loot African resources and the wealth from Africa labour and cart them away to the metropolis. European opulence is therefore not a result of hard work but a result of the organized protected robbery. This is why today we see Black people have the most resources but they’re the poorest, there’s no justification for the copious and myriad amounts of natural resources we have and the rate of unemployment and poverty in Africa today. 

Today Africa still suffers neo-colonial-metropolitan- fascist violence and rampage that have subjected Africans to poverty and the level of the haves, not despite the material resources we have. Look at Congo today, the more mineral resources the more the predicament, Congo has become an attraction of fascist metropolitan powers; colonialism has not settled its debt to us when its army and police have been removed from our territory. 

As if all these injustices by the so-called citadel and hallmark of democracy against African people isn’t enough, they have embarked on a political-exploitative gimmick masked with charity and altruism to perpetually, this time militarily loot African resources and subject Africa to the level of the sixth world; this gimmick has been decoded and it’s called the USAFRICOM. The USAFRICOM ( United States military command in Africa) was established under the guise of the fight against terrorism for Africans, to foster foreign policy and international relationships. But if genuinely European powers set up these malevolent military bases in Africa for the benefit of Africans, why do we still have terrorist groups in Africa today? 

The United States military bases in Africa was designed for the perpetual exploitation of African people and for the continuous enlargement of their coasts of imperialism and capitalism. 

Out of the 54 independent African states, there are 29 United States military bases and our leaders are too blind to see colonialism creeping into the continent because of the crumbs they get at the feet of their imperialistic European overlords. 

To combat terrorism in Africa is easy, we are well aware that Africa doesn’t produce arms and ammunitions; where does the ammunition that these terrorist use against African people come from? Obviously Europe, the solution is to name and shame members of the European community fostering terrorism in Africa by siphoning arms and weapons of mass destruction. This is the solution not setting up of any military base in Africa. The people killing our brothers in Congo and looting their resources can never come and solve our predicaments. 

As Frantz Fanon said, “The primary Manichaeism that governs the colonial world is left intact during the period of decolonization, the settler remains the enemy, the foe that must be overthrown” .

We no longer want to live in a malevolent, Manichaeistic, parasitic and viciously compartmentalized world. USAFRICOM must be expelled from the soil of Africa. 

Written by: Aina Ademola 


Twitter: OgbeniDemola.

This article is dedicated to the African lumpenproletariats. 

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