Concept That Precedes Human Reasoning

Critical examination and analysis using pure human reasoning have significantly affected the human world. Reasoning has been a major tool for analysis on every side. As humans develop systematically and periodically so does their reasoning ability. But certain theories cannot be analyzed ultimately to produce positive, generally accepted results using reasoning alone. It is worthy of note that human reasoning has a limitation so as does the sense perception of mankind. A man cannot think beyond his existence is a supporting claim which shows the limitation on the ability of man to reasoning accurately concerning every issue that presents itself before him. The limitations placed on human reasoning are not manmade alone as it might seem impossible for humans to break this bondage and leap over the line of restrictions. Some of the concepts that human reasoning cannot analyze adequately include the following;

To begin with, certain concepts are related to human behaviour but it is beyond the reach of human reasoning to justify them. It is unfathomably to consider, justify, or explain these human behaviours solely using reasoning. Sleeping is an act that is beyond the act of reasoning. Sleep according to Wikipedia is a naturally recurring state of mind and body, characterized by altered consciousness … and reduced interactions with surroundings. But what happens when we sleep? , why do we sleep? , why must we sleep? , can humans live in a healthy condition without sleeping?. All these questions are incomprehensive using human reasoning alone. Science which is a product of human reasoning cannot still answer all these raised questions without the introduction of another question. So how then can these questions be answered? this remains a mystery to be unravelled by man without depending on reasoning alone as a tool for critical analysis.

Also, the universe itself poses so many questions that are beyond human reasoning. The date of the origination of the universe is indecipherable. Humans have only speculated on the date but the date itself was only created by man when man advanced in reasoning. The measurement of time began in ancient Egypt sometime before 1500BC. What was the time difference between the origination of the use of time and when time itself was invented? , was the man the original inhabitant of the planet earth? , where did the universe originate from? is there something beyond the physical that relates to the universe and is unknown to human reasoning?. All the questions continue to run through our minds but should we continue to say we must use reasoning as a tool alone?

Nature itself has placed limitations on reasoning itself. Some of the limitations placed on human reasoning include weather [atmospheric condition], environment, sex, religion, culture and others. Considering the atmospheric conditions or the environment of a person, it must be noted that an African man cannot reason what snow looks or feels like using reasoning alone. His domain limits his ability to reason a new concept of another nature outside his original place of existence. How then will he be able to perceive new weather other than his aboriginal weather? If he continues to reason without considering other factors that determine the existence of another atmospheric condition, his reasoning will remain futile.

Religion has served as a major instrument in considering the objectivity of morality today. It has been created to replace culture and to serve as a watchman of morality. Religion stands to define the rights and wrongs of society. Religion sets to relegate and subdue the objectivity of human reasoning. It sets to dictate the right, wrong, good and bad of human conduct, societal values among other things. Religion was created to also cater for the spiritual aspect of man. But reasoning cannot ultimately answer some questions religion poses even though religion itself was birth through reasoning. The spiritual or rather metaphysical aspect of mankind is what religion relates to. Who is God?, is God just an illusion built by human reasoning based on finding new justified ground for religion? Who is the creator? where was man created? if there is paradise, where is paradise?. All this and many more questions that relate to religion cannot be answered using reasoning alone. Men have continued to speculate about the creator and other religious concepts. Critical analysis cannot justify the question as most justifications are built on dogmas’. Atheist refutes this claims made by religion while religious people accept it but can we find a common sensibility to answer these question without using reasoning? an atheist will employ reasoning so will religious people to justify their claim which must be in conformity with reality but reasoning alone will not provide an ultimate answer to these religious questions.

In conclusion, human reasoning is an irascible tool to answer most questions of reality but reasoning cannot outrightly answer these questions or explain these concepts. So it is worthy of note that mankind must employ other reliable and trusted means to solve mysterious questions presented before him.

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