African Unity and Scientific Socialism.

As defined at the fifth Pan/Africanist Congress, Pan Africanism was defined as the liberation and unification of Africa under scientific socialism. We need to understand the components of this Afrocentric ideology of liberation, we need to abandon the rhetorics created by our enemies to distort and Manipulatively usurp our minds. African unity is the only road to African continental freedom, Africans in the diaspora and Africans in the motherland are not different, they have the same heritage, the same roots and the same origin, Africans in the diaspora were kidnapped from the shores of Africa by these malevolent European slave masters, and these contemporary Europeanized Africans have become disconnected from their roots because they live in the oppressors camp, they have assimilated European and American thought pattern, they have become accustomed to the ways of the enemies, in fact, they are Europeans in black skin. It really takes a Pan African-Afrocentric education to create a global highway that will interconnect Africans in the diaspora with Africans in the motherland, a kind of education that will open the Afro American man’s eyes to the viciousness in his surrounding, to the misinformation he has about Africa, to put to him clearly that there’s no such thing as African- Americans, Afro- English or Afro- Asian; If you’re from the African descent you belong to the African continent and your solidarity and allegiance must be to the unification and liberation of Africa from mental, social, economic and political incarceration.

African unity can never be built on the basis of capitalism because there’s no way you can hate imperialism and love capitalism, to put it clearly, imperialism is an extension of capitalism. Capitalism is a political-economic ideology maliciously fabricated by our enemies with vicious intent to keep African people perpetually exploited and obsequious to the European power structure. Capitalism in Africa is an extension of European capitalism because when the metropolitan enemy loots African resources, he needs to create a system similar to his own in the colony, he then installs a capitalist puppet regime, he asphyxiates revolutionary governments by instigating a military reactionary coup, endorsing secession so as to foster his operation of divide and conquer. All these vicious operations in Africa by the mother country is for the sole reason of canalizing African resources and the wealth from African labour. This is the reason why anti-capitalist leaders like Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, Amilcar Cabral, Samora Machel, Eduardo Mondlane and a host of many others were either killed or overthrown by our enemies.
Now, to fight these oppressive capitalists and imperialist structure, we need to come up with a political-economic ideology that is an antithesis to that of the enemy, to that the enemy installed in Africa, this system is called scientific socialism, the antithesis of imperialism is Pan Africanism because imperialism can only achieve its goals when Africa is divided, by the time we unite militarily, economically and politically, Africa will become a formidable
force for good.
Not only do we have to fight imperialists we also need to fight these white supremacists African elitist leaders, who have, on behalf of their cosmopolitan-masters maintained the European political, economic and social hegemony, these useless African leaders are no different from colonialists themselves, I dare to say it, these African leaders are white supremacists in black skins.
This is why Frantz Fanon said “this is why we must understand that African unity can only be achieved through the upward thrust of the people, and under the leadership of the people, in defiance of the interest of the bourgeoisie”

Written by: Aina Ademola
Twitter: OgbeniDemola

This article is dedicated to the African masses who have oppressed by the hegemony of the African National bourgeoisie.

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