US vice president Kamala Harris express deep gratitude to the crown prince of Kuwait on vulnerable Afghan

Following the recent crisis in Afghanistan, as seen on Since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the humanitarian emergency there has become even more dire.

In mid-August 2021, Taliban militants swept into Kabul, completing their takeover of Afghanistan and marking a new phase in what has been the world’s most lethal conflict in recent years. The U.S.-backed government in place since 2001 is gone, as are almost all U.S. and NATO troops. As the new dispensation takes shape, Crisis Group remains focused on promoting a deep understanding of events on the ground and helping the various stakeholders inside and outside the country comprehend their counterparts’ motives and political constraints. We also aim to advance policies that improve security and promote inclusive governance.

Kamala Harris in a single tweet, expressed gratitude to the crown prince of Kuwat.

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